Three Solutions To Common Outdoor Lighting Problems

Choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures from all the available options can be challenging. Besides the visual attractiveness, you must weigh the long-term pros and cons. Whether you reside in Virginia, Maryland, or DC, outdoor lighting issues, at times, might be simple to rectify; at others, they can pose a severe threat. As a result, it’s a good idea to learn how to spot typical difficulties and avoid harmful situations.

Let’s look at some of the most common problems we find in the DMV region and what you can do to fix them with the help of Lights Over DMV Landscape Lighting!

Burned-Out Light Bulbs

Inevitably, no lightbulb will last forever—no matter what type you invest in. Installing your outdoor light bulbs may be problematic if you find that they are burning out too regularly. It’s possible that the power supply voltage is too high or the bulbs are too loose or poorly attached.

The easiest method to avoid this problem is to regularly inspect your bulbs by a reliable service that provides outdoor lighting in DMV.

Pests and Critters

Insects are known to be drawn to bright lights and can wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting systems, ceiling, or in-ground fixtures. There are several ways insects and critters might get access to outdoor lighting installations, especially those buried, such as pathway lighting. Even the ceiling fixtures aren’t safe from particular creepy crawlies. Transformers have also been known to be infested by other pests, which can cause significant damage.

First, we recommend hiring a pest control expert to eliminate these intruders before they mess up your lighting investment and consulting an outdoor lighting service to ensure the wiring is intact.

Moisture and Corrosion

Corrosion develops when moisture accumulates in the sockets of outdoor lighting fixtures. In most cases, the heat generated by the bulbs is sufficient to remove moisture. However, corrosion might occur if the lights are out or the connection is defective.

The base of each bulb can be protected from moisture buildup to avoid deterioration. As expert landscape lighting contractors DC, we believe rust-resistant or waterproof fittings are the most straightforward option to tackle this problem.

Our landscape lighting contractors in Virginia, Maryland, and DC can help you with these or any other outdoor or landscape lighting issues. Our team specializes in all outdoor and curb appeal lighting aspects, including complete installation, full-service repair, and maintenance.

Contact us today to learn more about outdoor lighting installation DC, Maryland, or Virginia or schedule a free night-time demonstration.

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