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A Leader in Landscape Lighting

Josh Randall started Lights Over DMV Outdoor Landscape Lighting with an expression of his passion for the design layout and installation of dramatic landscape lighting.  We’re locally owned and operated and recognized that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on their landscape lighting project.  That’s why we get excited every time we’re able to provide dramatic elegant LED lighting to homeowners on a budget.  We’re able to recommend lighting projects in phases, meaning we can install the essentials to really make your home standout now, and add additional lights later as the homeowner’s budget permits.  Creating the overall design plan tailored to fit each customer’s budget, desired look/result and timeline is the way Lights Over DMV does business. Always has, always will!


Our Process


During your initial consultation we’ll walk the property, listen to your priorities and desires for aesthetics and safety, and then offer a variety of options.


While discussing options and evaluating the architecture and landscaping, we’ll take photographs, as well as noting fixtures, wattage intensity, and style of products to be quoted and any other details that will help us install.


We’ll go over your proposal and provide you with our software generated design layout to show how your fixtures and lighting effects will look.


We work quickly and efficiently to complete your installation as soon as possible, in most cases within a couple days. Once our work is complete, clients find that not only is their vision captured, but their expectations are exceeded as well.

Our Quality


From path lighting and pin spots, to wall washes and mood lighting, landscape lighting is one of the most effective investments a property owner can make, with multiple benefits, both aesthetic and functional.


Properly designed landscape lighting has a dramatic impact on the way your home looks at night. Enjoy the tranquility of a well lit backyard oasis, or the majestic overtones of your front yard brought to life in the dark.


The fun doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down. You’ve put a ton into making your back yard amazing, now you can use that yard during the hours you’re actually home and relaxing most.


With no shadows to hide in, ne’er-do-wells will think twice before setting foot on your property.


A once dark stairwell safely leads you to a now fully functional nighttime patio, or a once treacherous walk from the car to the front door becomes effortless.


Add curb appeal to your home while enjoying all the benefits of a low maintenance system with outstanding warranties. Get your neighbors involved with our referral program and watch the property value of the whole neighborhood go up by turning your dark cul-de-sac into a well lit, safe, comfort zone.


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