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Today there are so many options available for outdoor landscape lighting.  A very popular option includes down lighting the top gables for that extra “Wow” factor.  We specialize in curb appeal lighting which highlights all the architectural features of your home after dark.  We also provide LED fixtures for highlighting Trees, Shrubs, Landscape Rocks, Fountains, Dormers, Gables, Columns, Stone Architecture, Retaining Walls,  Ponds, Pools, Bistro Lighting and Gardens.

There are several choices for activating your outdoor lighting.  The simplest way is via photocell or timer.  The photocell will turn you lights on at sunset and turn them off at sunrise.  The timer will turn your lights on at sunset, or any time preferred and turn them off at sunrise, or any time preferred.  Both of these options eliminate the need for daylight savings time adjustments.  An additional option for turning your lights on/off is via Wi-Fi app, which is controlled from your cell phone, Alexa or Google Home.

A transformer is needed for most all outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting.  The transformer is the brain of the system and plugs into any existing outlet and converts the 120 volts to just 12/24 volts, which is how the system burns so little electricity.  The size of the transformer is dictated by the size and scope of the lighting project.  It’s important to select a transformer that can handle the electrical load of the lighting in addition to any future lighting you may want to add to your home.

Installation times are dependent upon several factors, such as the number and location of lights, complexity of the system desired, amount of trenching and burying wire, and gable, rooftop, column and wall mounting, just to name a few.  That being said, we’re able to install the majority of systems in 1 day.

Yes, all of our lights are waterproof.  They’re also made to resist the intrusion of dust, soil and snow.

Fixtures are made of three primary tiers of metals, aluminum, brass and copper, with aluminum being the most popular and cost efficient and copper being the most durable and expensive.

All of our fixtures are manufacturer warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years, 10 years, and lifetime (dependent on fixture model/type).  Should there be any issue with a warranted fixture Lights Over DMV will replace the fixture.

The impact an outdoor lighting system will have on your electric bill will be very minimum.  With every system being different it’s difficult to provide an exact number but we can provide a good estimate with the following example.  For an average system utilizing 15 lights with 3 watt LED bulbs running for 6 hours a night the breakdown would look like this:

Average electricity price in the DMV is approximately 11 cents/kWh

3 watts x 15 lights = 45 watts per hour

6 hours per night = 270 watts per night

270 watts per night x 365 days per year = 98,550 watts

98,550 watts/1,000 = 98.55 kWh

98.55 kWh x $.11/kWh = $10.84 per year!

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Reviews and Testimonials:

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