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Landscape Lighting Upper Marlboro, MD

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A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting can elevate the exterior of your home, making it more visually appealing and inviting. It highlights your property’s unique features, accentuates the architectural design, and creates a warm ambiance. By investing in our landscape lighting services, you’re enhancing the overall value, aesthetics, and functionality of your home.

Lights Over DMV is a leading outdoor lighting company in Upper Marlboro, MD. We offer customized exterior lighting solutions that bring out the inherent beauty of your outdoor space, revealing textures, features, and colors that may go unnoticed otherwise. By combining our technical knowledge with your vision, we create visually stunning outdoors that allow you to enjoy evenings outdoors, entertain guests, and make lasting memories.

Benefits of Our Landscape Lighting Solutions

  • Warm and Inviting Outdoor Space: With landscape lighting, your outdoors become an extension of your home, allowing you to enjoy quiet nights and laughter-filled evenings. Most homeowners are unable to fully utilize the beauty of their home, especially outdoors, due to a lack of lighting. By incorporating our curb appeal lighting, you can make the most of your home’s exterior and create many memories.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Every homeowner invests their time, money, and effort to elevate the interior of their property. Why not invest some in the exterior too? We offer affordable landscape lighting that creates a visually stunning ambiance, showcasing your landscape’s unique charm.
  • Increased Safety and Security: Well-lit outdoors reduce the risk of trips and falls, providing easy navigation for everyone coming to your house. Moreover, it also keeps intruders or strangers from entering your backyard or any other area at night, adding a layer of security to your home. This provides you peace of mind and adequate safety.
  • Increased Value:Professionally installed outdoor lighting can also add value to your property. By enhancing curb appeal, exterior lighting makes your home more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.

Here’s How Lights Over DMV Works

At Lights Over DMV, our goal is to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. We combine our expertise and creativity with your vision to deliver a masterpiece. Our team will start the process with a comprehensive consultation process to learn about your needs and preferences. Whether you seek to highlight pathways, create a warm and inviting space, or enhanced security, our team will create a custom plan accordingly. Then our skilled designers will provide a software-generated design for your approval.

After you approve the final design, we will put our plan to action. With attention to detail, our skilled technicians strategically position lighting fixtures to highlight architectural elements, accentuate plantings, and illuminate pathways and walkways. Our cutting-edge technology and superior quality ensure that your landscape lighting can withstand the elements, ensuring reliability for many years. We also offer repair, add-ons, and maintenance services. This makes us your one-stop shop for outdoor lighting solutions. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get started now.


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