The Ultimate Guide to Pathway Lighting

Making the home’s exterior appear beautiful throughout the day isn’t difficult; it’s the nighttime that demands work. The pathway is the most overlooked outdoor region in the house, left with little to no illumination sources. However, incorporating high-quality pathway lighting systems can enhance the house’s curb appeal and increase the sense of safety.

Here are considerations to make when installing pathway lighting:

Consider Au Natural Pathway Lighting

Your pathway lighting should match the style of the rest of your backyard to look as though it always belonged there. The architecture of your home may also influence the fixtures’ style, shape, or color. For example, bronze-colored fixtures are a popular choice for homes with contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

Decide the Brightness

Determining the right balance for pathway light is often a challenge for homeowners since anything too dim is pretty much useless and can also turn dangerous. In contrast, anything too bright can compromise the house’s curb appeal. You must find a balance that compromises neither your property’s safety nor its curb appeal.

Choose the Right Kind

Several different kinds of pathway lights exist. Firstly, the spread lighting lights up a wider chunk of the pathway. Secondly, lampposts offer a subtle way of illuminating a pathway; sometimes, just one lamppost does the job, depending on the length of the pathway. Thirdly, the step lighting allows passersby to easily navigate the stairs; these may be installed on a step riser or underneath railings.

Introduce Yourself to Pathway Lighting with Lights Over DMV

Now that you’ve read most of this handy guide for pathway lighting, it’s time to start your landscape lighting DC, curb appeal lighting, and pathway lighting projects with Lights Over DMV. Established by Josh Randall, we’re a team of landscape lighting contractors offering design, build, and maintenance services for outdoor landscape lighting in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

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