Outdoor Lighting Trends: Styles & Shapes To Watch Out For In 2023

Outdoor lighting trends will keep getting popular in 2023. From fairy lights to pendant lights to spotlighting, adding a unique touch to your home’s grandeur can elevate the look of your outdoor spaces.

If you have a porch, patio, or backyard in your home, you can be on the lookout for some amazing outdoor lighting trends in 2023. At Lights Over DMV, we can help you breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. Keep reading to look at some unique lighting options for this year.

Outdoor Chandeliers

Yes, you read that right—outdoor chandeliers are now possible. If you want to add some functional and essential outdoor lighting, you can kick it up a notch with solar chandeliers. They can be hung from a tree or even suspended over it. These chandeliers bring charm and vibrant lighting to your outdoor living spaces.

Pendant Lights

One outdoor lighting trend that will continue in 2023 is pendant lights. You can add pendant lights outdoors to give your exterior spaces some dimension and more illumination. You can get your outdoor gathering going with some LED pendant lights when the conversations come alive post-sunset. The casual and soft ambiance of these lights is perfect for a relaxed evening.

Fairy Light Jars

Another quick yet smart way to bring some warmth and sophistication to your outdoor lighting is fairy lights. However, the outdoor lighting trend for 2023 is fairy light-filled jars. You can illuminate your home’s exteriors by adding a jar on any corner table or even the center table. Enjoy the soft and gentle glow of dainty fairy lights that you can easily move around anywhere.

Silver Lanterns

You can go for a modern feel if you want to illuminate your patio. A silver lantern will look sleek and contemporary. You can add it around your sliding steel doors and create a unique outdoor lighting setting that mimics the nocturnal sky. You can also add lantern-style lights to your backyard, front porch, or garage.

Whichever design or shape you choose for your outdoor lighting, ensure it matches your outdoor setting’s theme and looks. We can help you bring sophistication, charm, innovativeness, and creativity to your exterior spaces.

If you liked any of these outdoor lighting trends for 2023, the next step is to find the best outdoor lighting companies in DC. Visit us at Lights Over DMV for different lighting solutions, including curb appeal, pathway lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting.

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