Landscape Lighting Ideas and Tips To Enhance Your Exterior Spaces

A huge trend that has been popular lately is improving outdoor living spaces and making them more functional. People who have homes with backyards are now changing the appearance of their outdoor spaces and expanding them to spend relaxing and entertaining evenings there with their loved ones.

While some states enjoy good weather during certain seasons, others don’t. However, whatever limited time people are getting, they are using it to enhance the look of their outdoor spaces with the help of landscape lighting. Let’s look at some landscape lighting ideas that can make your outdoors more beautiful.

Hardscape Lights

For low-profile, illuminated landscape lighting, hardscape lights are great. They easily liven up various outdoor spaces, including firepits, seating areas, and kitchens. They are installed in a linear style and are usually installed underneath outdoor steps, countertops, or retaining wall caps. Hardscape lights add subtle illumination and create a cozy, relaxed setting.

Deck and Step Lights

If you want to add soft lights on fence posts or your backyard deck, you can get LED deck lights installed. They will illuminate your outdoor living spaces while also increasing safety. Since they are directly mounted upon the surfaces, they are easily installed.

Step lights are also another great landscape lighting idea. You can add these LED lights to guide people safely and signal changes in elevation levels. They can also define the parameters of your outdoor living spaces.


If your outdoor spaces allow, you can go for downlighting as well. It’s a great landscape lighting idea where you add some lights to any mounted structures that help illuminate the spaces below.

Downlighting is known as ‘moonlighting’ because the light comes from above, making it seem natural, just like moonlight. Downlights can be beautiful yet functional if you have an outdoor kitchen or dining area.

Bistro Lights

If you’ve been to any cafe lately and seen those string lights, you might know what we’re referring to. Bistro lights are perfect for hanging outside in your outdoor spaces to create a festive look while also providing functionality.

Whether you want to add outdoor landscape lighting for security and safety or just for aesthetic appeal and festivities, we can help you out. With Lights Over DMV, you have a team of licensed lighting contractors who can help you enhance your outdoor spaces.

Reach out to us today for curb appeal, pathway lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

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