How to Protect Your Outdoor Lighting From The Elements

Adding outdoor lighting fixtures may enhance your landscaping while also serving as a means of securely directing guests to your front door. However, if not appropriately maintained, exterior lighting comes with a handful of challenges. Rain and snow are two of the most common causes of malfunctioning outdoor lighting fixtures.

At Lights Over DMV Landscape Lighting, an outdoor lighting company in Virginia, we suggest some tips for protecting your fixtures against water and the risk of them shorting out.

Considering The Location

When protecting your outdoor lighting fixtures, putting them out in the open may not be the greatest option. But then again, they are outdoor lights, so how can this problem be solved? As our landscape lighting contractors in Virginia will tell you, the fittings should be placed in areas protected from rain, snow, and strong winds while designing your system.

Wash or spotlights, for example, should be placed as near to an overhang as possible if they are to illuminate a wall. Likewise, when positioning landscape lights, it’s best to place them near bushes, trees, or other overhangs that might shield them from the weather.

Remember that even if it’s sunny when you get your outdoor lighting installation in DC, Virginia, or Maryland, it won’t be the exact weather condition year-round. So it is essential to think about future snow and rain storms, especially if your property lacks adequate weatherproofing.

Invest In Light Shields

Clear boxes, known as “light shields,” can conceal exposed fixtures. By choosing our outdoor lighting company in Virginia, DC, or Maryland, you can be assured that the light shield you’ll buy is the proper size before you buy it. We’ll also ensure that your lights are tightly sealed so that moisture won’t infiltrate and damage them.

LED Lights—Need We Say More?

Mother Nature has demonstrated that LED lighting is the most resilient. So, lucky for you, we’re pro LED lights at Lights Over DMV Landscape Lighting! With our LED lights, the bulb seals allow them to endure more wind, snow, and rain pressure, and they are less vulnerable to the sun’s rays, making them ideal for outdoor use. Plus, they are highly affordable.

Furthermore, the wiring in our LED lighting fixtures is pre-installed, so there’s no need to worry about it becoming damaged.

We specialize in all outdoor and curb appeal lighting aspects, including complete installation, full-service repair, and maintenance. In addition, our landscape lighting contractors Virginia, Maryland, and DC can help you protect your outdoor and landscape lighting fixtures against all elements.

Contact us today to learn more about services in outdoor lighting DC, Maryland, or Virginia or schedule a free night-time demonstration.

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