How Can You Transform Your Outdoor Space With Exterior Lighting?

With the summer days gone and winter right around the corner, the days have become shorter. If you want to make sure your outdoor spaces stay illuminated and look beautiful, you can invest in exterior lighting. Exterior lighting can make your outdoor spaces more functional so you can hang out with your friends and family in the garden or yard. It also helps deter criminal activity when it gets dark. Let’s take a look at how you can transform your home’s exterior with lights. For landscape lighting contractors, check out our catalog today.

Use Accent Lights

If you want to add some dimension, intrigue, and drama to your backyard or front porch, you can use accent lights. Spotlights or track lighting are great for bringing some attention to the trees, shrubs, or bushes and highlighting your outdoor area’s specific features. Plus, accent lighting looks great during nighttime.

Pathway Lighting in the Garden

If you want to guide your guests toward your garden’s sitting area, swings, or BBQ place, you can add pathway lighting. It will not only look elegant and beauty your garden area but will minimize accidents when it gets dark. You can also set the mood with soft colors and by adding planters.

Up-Lighting for Soft Glow

To add some character and depth to your house’s exterior, you can go for up-lighting. Simply install some lights in front of your house so they cast a soft yet enchanting glow which will make your house look more magical at night. Uplighting is perfect for showcasing certain architectural features like eaves or pillars. Plus, it’s also great for curb appeal.

Brightening with Task Lighting

If you have any outdoor entertainment or relaxation areas where you can gather with your loved ones, task lighting is a great option. You can install outdoor LED lights and bulbs so no one trips over the furniture and everyone has a clear view of everything. Task lighting is great for gazebos and patios.

Illuminating Water Features

Lastly, for some extra magic, you can also illuminate the water features you have in your outdoor areas. Whether it’s a pool, pond, or fountain, it can look more attractive and stunning in the dark with some special lights. Add submerged lights inside your pool, pond, or fountain by installing them below the water. This will make it look as if the water is lit from within. These lights look great at night. You can also add lights alongside the edges of the pond and pool.

Transform Your Outdoors

Lights Over DMV is one of the leading outdoor lighting companies in DC. We can help you transform you’re outdoors easily and make your landscape look better. To make your yard or patio inviting and warm, check out our services in Maryland, Virginia, and other nearby areas. With the right lighting, your home’s exterior can also look enchanting. From curb appeal and pathway lighting to outdoor landscape lighting, our lighting contractors can help you out with anything. Reach out to us today for more information.

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