How Can Landscape Lighting Contractors Save You Money?

Lighting is arguably the most difficult component of outdoor design. Most homeowners have a distinct idea of what they like regarding architectural designs. It’s simple to picture your backyard’s “fun” elements when you include your favorite pastimes, such as swimming, outdoor recreation, and entertainment.

When it comes to lighting, most people are unaware of how landscape lighting or pathway lighting can revitalize their home. If you don’t have any knowledge of the industry, it can be quite difficult to articulate what you want. That’s why you need Lights Over DMV Landscaping Lighting’s contractors to help you figure out what you need.

Reasons Why You Need A Good Lighting Contractor

Landscape lighting is an investment, and that’s why it needs to be done right the first time. Here’s why:

Safety and Security

With adequate lighting along pathways and steps, your family and any visitors you welcome to your home are less likely to stumble and fall when navigating your lawn at night. It also proves beneficial for your pets as lighting tends to ward off nocturnal animals. This is necessary since you wouldn’t have to pay for veterinary expenses and medical bills.

Proper illumination also deters thieves. When outdoor lights are strategically placed near your home’s most vulnerable entryways, they stop robbers from seeing your home as an easy target. They can also be connected to motion sensors, so if any intruders are outside, their movement will trigger the lights and expose them.

Curb Appeal

Perfectly-placed lighting showcases your home’s best features, making it appear beautiful all night long. According to real estate professionals, first impressions matter more than you might think. Curb appeal lighting can create the perfect ambiance to increase the value of your property and draw buyers.


Smart lighting decisions can guarantee that you aren’t paying more than necessary for electricity. Your energy consumption can be reduced in eco-friendly ways that won’t leave a dent in your wallet. This can happen when you use the correct mix of timers, light sensors, and energy-efficient bulbs.


Hiring specialists to install your lighting can prevent many problems. They will ensure that all electrical cables are properly installed. This will help reduce the need for extensive maintenance in the future.

LED Lighting Is The Way To Go

LED landscape lighting will illuminate your home while costing you a fraction of higher voltage systems. LED lighting is very energy-efficient, consuming up to 25% less energy than conventional incandescent lights. The lighting will give your property a beautiful appearance that raises its worth and enables you to save money over time in other areas. When you take good care of your house, the value outweighs the cost and offers a fantastic long-term ROI.

Get Our Lighting Contractors To Install Lighting Systems

Lights Over DMV Landscape Lighting is one of the top outdoor lighting companies in Maryland. We provide on-site consultation where we get a sense of your priorities, desired aesthetics, and security, and then present you with a range of solutions.

Our services include curb appeal lighting, pathway lighting, landscape lighting, etc. Get your free consultation by getting in touch with us.

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