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From Dusk to Dawn: Valuable Tips on Getting the Most from Outdoor Lighting

Just like wearing statement jewelry elevates your outfit, outdoor lighting DMV enhances the curb appeal and value of your property. Whether it is a well-lit pathway or spotlights on the walls, installing outdoor lighting DMV is a cost-effective way to add stylistic flair to the exterior of your home while ensuring safety and security. Keep reading to learn some tips to maximize the usage and value of outdoor lighting.

1. Identifying the Right Placement Spots

Step number one in maximizing the value of outdoor lighting is to find the areas of your property that need illumination. The easiest way to identify these spots is to walk outside your property with a flashlight and observe how the light enhances the landscaping and architectural features of your property. Some common placement spots for outdoor lighting DMV as given below:

  • Steps: It is important to lighten up the treads or risers for safety purposes.
  • Paths: A well-lit path is welcoming and provides a safe walking path for guests.
  • Driveway: Opt for easy-to-install low-voltage outdoor lighting.
  • Entries: Install outdoor lighting DMV,either at the side or top of the door, to create the spotlight effect.
  • Trellises, Pergolas, or Gazebos: Landscape lighting can be used to highlight unique features of your property, like an arbor or pergola.
  • Patios or Decks: If you have a grilling spot or outdoor kitchen on the patio or deck, landscape lighting can be used to illuminate these areas.
  • Architectural Features: Placing an outdoor lighting DMVbeam a few feet from a plain wall will create interesting shadows and highlights.

2. Purchasing Weather-Friendly Outdoor Lighting

Because the outdoors of your property is consistently exposed to harsh environmental elements like rain, sunlight, and fog, you must buy water-resistant, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant outdoor lighting DMV.

3. Buying the Right Type of Outdoor Lighting

If you want your house to stand out, you need to invest in the right kind of outdoor lighting DMV. For example, installing bulbs that cast a glare will highlight the architectural imperfections of your house rather than making it look attractive. Therefore, you will need to look at different types of outdoor lighting, such as low voltage, LED, electric, and solar, and opt for the one that best fits your budget.

4. Controlling Outdoor Lighting

Once you have purchased the right type of outdoor lighting DMV, you must invest in lighting controls like timers, motion sensors, and dimmers to make the most of the value of outdoor lighting. We recommend choosing outdoor lighting DMV with photocells and times as they run on solar energy and will make it easier for you to control and use the light according to your needs. When installed, the devices will automatically turn the outdoor lighting DMV off at dawn and on at dusk.

Are You Looking for Outdoor Lighting Companies in DC?

Established by Josh Randall, Lights Over DMV is a family-owned and operated company that provides affordable landscape lighting solutions to residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our wide range of services includes upgrading the existing lighting system, installing pathway outdoor lighting DMV, landscape lighting, residential lighting, and architectural lighting. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!



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