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4 Reasons Why Outdoor Lighting Is a Must

Want to add the wow factor to your property? Landscape lighting is what you need. You have likely spent countless hours mowing your lawn and watering the plants to create a beautiful garden outdoors. But what’s the point of investing in the garden landscape if you can only sit and enjoy nature’s beauty until the sun is up and shining?

Landscape lighting not only makes it possible for you to make the most of your garden and patio but also highlights the unique landscape features, enhancing the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. Listed below are four benefits of landscape lighting.

1. Highlights Features

Illuminating the focal point, pathways, and functional items like the waterfall, pool, and hot tubs, landscape lighting creates a captivating ambience that makes your property more attractive. Strategically installed landscape lighting highlights the best features of your home, whether it is a waterbed, flower bed, plant arrangement, or a beautiful tree.

2. Increases the Value of Your Property

No matter what the size or style of your property is, landscape lighting can help you in emphasizing and illuminating the best attributes of your home, bringing even the most boring exteriors to life. Even though it is advised never to judge a book by its cover, buyers look for homes that look beautiful from the outside when purchasing a new property. Strategic placement of landscape lighting enhances your property’s curb appeal by showcasing that your property is well taken care of, increasing its value significantly. According to a National Association Home Builders survey, over 90% of potential buyers have said landscape lighting is a desirable factor that increases property value.

3. Improves Your Property’s Security

Did you know that more than one million burglaries occur in the US every year? In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, landscape lighting improves your property’s safety and security. People usually install landscape lighting in high-traffic areas such as pool decks, patios, pathways, and stairs. This deters criminals from trying to break into your property. If you are worried about electricity bills, opt for landscape lighting with motion sensors, as it will lighten up when a person is within range. This will help in saving money and protect you from theft.

4. Maximizes Outdoor Space

Lastly, the most important reason you should invest in landscape lighting is that it makes the outdoor space accessible and usable even after the sun goes down. Outdoor kitchens, lounging areas, and dining spaces have become a popular extensions of modern homes. Without proper landscape lighting, you will be clumsily finding your way in the dark instead of making the most of your time. Creating a cozy environment, landscape lighting will brighten your garden, allowing you to relax and have fun with your friends and family.

Get Landscape Lighting from Lights Over DMV

Want to light up the space around your home? Lights Over DMV is a family-owned company that provides landscape lighting services in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. The professionals at Lights Over DMV have helped hundreds of property owners install the perfect lighting fixtures around their homes. Contact the landscape lighting contractors dmv for outdoor lighting solutions on a budget.



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